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Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Emerging Technology 2017

Emerging Technology

In this 'day and age' technology is a large part of our everyday life. Just look at the impact the mobile phone has had on our life. The phone started as a expensive fixed device in our houses that we used to communicate with people. It saved time from having to physically meet everyone face to face.

Now the phone is mobile, cheap and smart. Has this device really improved our lives? Has the standard of living really improved for people? Are people just becoming less social and more like walking zombies engaged just with a 5 inch screen and 'zoned out' from the rest of the world?

My Prezi on Emerging Tech

These questions are what we need to ask in this unit.

We look at emerging technologies that are about to enter the market.

We evaluate where they come from and what they do that was not done before. Some emerging technologies replace existing technologies, some work with and add functionality and some do something new.

Examples of technologies previous students are looking at are :-

  1. Photonic Memory
  2. AI Pilots
  3. Liquid biopsies
  4. Wearable tech pixel buds
  5. Machine learning
  6. Facial recoginition of payments
  7. Virtual Reality
  8. LiFi
  9. Airless tires
  10. Artificial Leaf
  11. Artificial Brain
  12. Amazon Go
  13. Satellite Internet
When we look at these new technologies we need to consider certain factors
  • Explain this technology and explain how it is used ?
  • Find a YouTube (or similar video clip) explaining this new technology. 
  • Look at the impact on society, how does this tech impact on our lives? 
  • Ethical implications, how does this technology impact ethically in our lives? 
  • What does this technology replace (if anything)? 
  • Where does this technology evolve from ?
Assignment start date : 9/10/17
Assignment Due date : 27/11/17 

give links to videos here...


  1. Kori Chamberlain
    Emerging Technology - Airless Tire

  2. Luke Anderson

  3. Victoria Woodward
    Emerging Technology - Virtual Reality

  4. Tarun Patel
    Emerging Technology - Amazon Go

  5. Daniel Belcher
    Emerging Tech- AI Pilots

  6. Charlie-Anne Jesson
    Emerging Technology - Hyperloop One

  7. This is Aaron Howard's Li-Fi presentation:

  8. Matthew Sharman Liquid Biopsy Emerging Tech

  9. Tarun Patel
    Amazon GO

  10. Elliot Hart - Presentation

    joao teixeira
    brain initiative

    Emerging Technology - Photonic memory
    Elliot McLachlan

  13. Jessica Brown - Emerging Technology

  14. Josh Smith

    Recorded Presentation-

    Feedback Video-

  15. Jessica Brown - Emerging Technology


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