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Monday, 27 March 2017

Webdesign Assignment Three

Webdesign Assignment Three 

Create a handover document passing your website over to a potential client.

Show what the final website is to the client.

Then critically reviewed your website comparing it to other websites that offer similar services. Take into account both positive and negative factors in the website. Be realistic about your own abilities compared to professional web design companies.

Now it’s time to reflect on the process and look at other HCI developments.

Create a report (in any form you want) that looks at recent HCI developments and how they are used. So look at mobile webs and how they differ from their large screened PC cousins. What are the significant differences and how and why have they come about?

How would you develop a website that could work on mobile and full screen or are they separate, discuss this concept and give example?

This covers Unit 10: Human Computer Interaction

The document to cover the following :

Understand recent human computer interaction related developments and their

HCI: historical development; motivation; techniques; guidelines; principles; standards.
Developments in technology: changing workstation environments eg screens, keyboards,
pointing devices; other non standard input/output devices eg speech recognition; related
processing developments and information storage possibilities
Developments in HCI: examples eg virtual machines with command line input, graphical
interfaces, screen design for intensive data entry; intelligent HCIs; virtual personas; changing
concepts of ‘look and feel’
User issues: range of users eg expert, regular, occasional, novice, special needs; ergonomics; human information processing; impact on the workplace

Development of systems: new developments eg event-driven systems, use of multimedia;
modelling techniques; implication of new developments on user interfaces; implication of
developments on hardware eg storage, processing requirements; convergence of systems
Applications: selection of HCIs eg touchscreen, voice activated

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Unit 26 & 2: Task 4 and 5

Unit 26 & 2: Task 4 and 5

You are designing a SOHO solution for your office

You have created 2 solutions a budget one and a deluxe one and a room layout off how this is setup.

You present this to your small business adviser and he accept it but then tells you of a opportunity that has arisen. An angel investor is wishing to invest upto 100K  in a small business. The investor has a keen interest in gadgets and web enabled devices.

So looking at your setup how could you scale it so this investor can invest in your business (and get a significant shareholding, image Dragon's den concept).

So now give another solution that would looks professional, has lots of kit, bigger area, more staff.
So now consider one more staff member ( a sales assistant and tech support in one..)
Double the size floor area, more than double the gadgets.
Cost of setting up a website and marketing (do some research).
Also what about supporting your customers once they have purchased a device ?

Then think about maintenance. With all these gadgets and kit it needs to be looked after. All have software (IOS / Andriod / windows / linus / mac OS) all need updating from time to time.

How would you do this?
Why would you do this?
How would you deal with a customer with a problem with a gadget you bought from you?

Include the following:

  • Devices: number of connected devices; anticipated participation  
  • Bandwidth: average load; peak load; local Internet availability; cost constraint  
  • Users: quality expectations; concept of system growth  
  • Applications: requirements eg security, quality of service  
  • Communications: considerations eg suited to devices, suited to users, lifestyle preferences, commercial requirements  
  • Scalable: considerations eg supporting device growth, supporting additional devices, bandwidth use trend change  
  • Security: considerations eg addressing policy, device participation, firewall rules, encryption preference 

From the report create a A4 sized layout now, with equipment laid out and also for each device proposed IP addresses of devices. In small group set this up in the lab  (Obviously you don't have IOT devices, but use you imaginationation and set what you can up).

How long would this take to setup? (use your notes from this practical session)
How can you test it? (show some tests, suggest some tests, use practical and theory for this)

The tests should consider the following:

Internet access.
Security considerations and addressing,
•  Firewall settings.
Suggest how internet of things devices could connect to this mock setup

This covers :-

Unit 26
LO4: Be able to support small or home office networks
4.1  discuss future improvements for the small or home office network
4.2 design a maintenance schedule to support a small or home office network.

Unit 2
 LO4 : Be able to undertake routine maintenance on computer systems  
 4.1 perform routine maintenance tasks on a computer system. 
 4.2 upgrade the software and hardware on a computer system. 

Unit 3
LO4 : Be able to develop strategies for problem solving
4.1  review tools and methods for developing solutions to problems
4.2  develop an appropriate strategy for resolving a particular problem
4.3 evaluate the potential impact on the business of implementing the strategy.

Monday, 13 March 2017

Games Design : Unit 37/38 & 39

I have created a video series of how to create elements needed for a game

So first of all we need a Health Bar.

In this video I introduce a simple health bar and health regeneration concept.

Then we need the NPC to move around AI Movement

In these two videos we look at two ways a NPC character can move around. 

Random AI Movement

Fixed Patrol tutorial

Then we need the PC to take some damage when the NPC engaged with them.

PC taking damage from NPC and a simple blood splattering affect.

Webdesign Assignment Three

Webdesign Assignment Three  Start by looking at feedback given with meeting with clients. Then show what the final website is to the ...