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Thursday, 12 October 2017

Degree Project

BSc Creative Computing Project

This double unit (40 Credits) is the the culmination of the BSc Creative Computing degree - it gives students a chance to demonstrate all they have learned. It is be the most demanding part of this degree. Although students are supervised, they are on their own to a large extent. The project can be based on one of the units delivered this year, but does not need to be.The First step of a project is to come up with 4 or 5 initial ideas the student has. The student discusses these ideas with the project supervisor and from these initial ideas the student chooses a project. This then is presented (technically this is a viva) and graded.

Then after a successful viva the students implement the project creating a weekly blog as they go. This blog contains what the students do each week on the chosen project and is eventually submitted and is graded.

Aims and Summary

Through the execution of a challenging and complex Final Major Project students will demonstrate their progress and professional development. Students will be required to initiate, negotiate and manage the project and are encouraged to work collaboratively with clients, organisations and audiences to establish realistic and externally tested concepts and products. Students will be required to carry out contextual research and investigation to inform and direct ideas towards high quality, challenging and creative computing outcomes or products. These must be presented professionally and will demonstrate effective utilisation and application of appropriate techniques and processes to meet industry standards. Students will be required to ensure that their work conforms to appropriate codes of practice and meets the ethical requirements your College or University. Support and guidance will be provided by a project supervisor who will be the primary point of contact for a student on this module.

Intended Module Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module students should be able to:
  1. Produce and present an informed Final Major Project Proposal under supervision of an academic staff, and plan, appropriate to the form, content and style of the project. 
  2. Carry out contextual independent research and conceptual development informing and strategically directing ideas towards resolving a complex and challenging creative project brief(s) 
  3. Demonstrate evidence of synthesis and application of production processes and technical skills, utilising these effectively to produce finished outcomes reflecting practice and professional management. 
  4. Produce and appropriately present finished outcomes to industry standards.

So on the 11th of June you will do a final presentation of the project including a demonstration of the product. Also include a sample of research undertaken and blog created. Discussion should include problems encountered and how they were (or not) overcome. With Q&A at the end. This presentation should be approx 15 mins and is recorded.

To be handed in on the 28th of May is the project documentation (including code in appendix if appropriate). This documentation includes (as a minimum) :-
  • Initial project proposal.
  • Blog (with research included).
  • video of product in action
  • Critical reflection on project with peer review if needed. 

Monday, 9 October 2017


Unit 35: Web Applications Development

In this unit we use PhP and Mysql as well as look at cookies.

PHP is a server-side scripting language designed primarily for web development but is also used as a general-purpose programming language (

The beauty of PHP is that because it is server side script all that a client sees is what ever is pumped out of the PHP echo commands as pure HTML.

Here is the standard hello world code using php.

PHP code starts with <?php that tells the server to intercept this code.

echo are used to send HTML data to client side services like web browsers.

The ?> is the signal to say this is the end of the PHP code.

echo "Hello world!";

Look at this pdf with some sample PHP code.

Before you start playing with PHP you need access to a web server and a decent editor.

I suggest setting up a WAMP server on a PC/LAPTOP (
and for editing I use notepad ++ (

Sunday, 1 October 2017

new project

HND Project

The project is an all year task that all HND students undertake.

The project can be a 3D game (that students work together to make) or it can be a CMS web based system (including the various systems, hardware and software used) or a Network Solution (security system, network for a customer)

One important task is that a project can be done solo or in groups, however individual work is marked, not the group effort!

Here is my PowerPoint of all the elements needed to do the project this year

HND Project

Now have a think about what you want to do for a project?

Reply to this post with your ideas...

Projects previous students have done :-

My project is PHP and MySQL browser based fantasy game. The graphical elements and code are being developed on a Raspberry Pi 2 running RISC OS and tested on a Raspberry Pi b running Apache and MySQL on Raspbian Jessie.

My Unit 4 project is going to a 3D game made in Unity 3D, the game is called Wilderness and will be a survival game made from scratch.

For Unit 4 (Project) I will be creating a CMS Website for a Client, this will allow my client to control and manage the content shown on the website. The site will consists of 4 Pages and a PHP contact form.

Webdesign Assignment Three

Webdesign Assignment Three  Start by looking at feedback given with meeting with clients. Then show what the final website is to the ...