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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Website Design the assignments

Website Design the assignments

Assignment One : The Draft stage

Assignment Two : The site

Assignment Three : Fine tuning and customer handover

Website design Assignment 2 : the site

Website Design : Assignment Two – the site

Task 2)
From your proposed layout that has been modified according to the needs of the customer create the 5 page website. Document website (do screenshots) and discuss design and justify it (M2) and also document how unforeseen circumstances have been accommodated (D2).

(Unit 14 LO2 : 2.1 / Unit 10 LO3 3.1)
(Unit 14 M2 & Unit 10 M2 – design of method justified looking at visual aspects and coding /
Unit 14 D2 & Unit 10 M2 - unforeseen circumstances have been accommodated for different browsers and devices)

Document how the website was created; use screenshot explaining your steps.
(Unit 10 LO3 3.2 + 3.7)

Test the website for functionality and document problems encountered and how you overcame them, the get some other user to evaluate your website and document there feedback
(Unit 14 LO2 : 2.2 / Unit 10 LO3 : 3.5 )

Test the website and see if you can break it! Document the results
(Unit 10 LO3 3.4)

Then critically review your website comparing it to other websites that offer similar services. Take into account both positive and negative factors in the website. Be realistic about your own abilities compared to professional web design companies.
(Unit 10 LO3 3.3)

Merit is given for clear structure and ease of readability

Assignment 2 


Task 1(Hand in Date : 21/3/16)

Before designing and implementing a Small Home or Office Network (SOHO) you need to understand the impact of them.

Research and evaluate the usage and impact of current small or home office networks.  There are a range of devices that connect to a network evaluate the impact on the following.
(Unit 26 : LO1)

  • Routing hardware: hardware eg access routers, distribution routers, core switches, layer 3 switches

  • Routing protocols: protocol eg interior routing protocols, exterior routing, static routing

  • Protocol management: management eg redistribution between protocols, route maps, route filters

  • Device management: management eg password control, access levels, configuration storage, remote access

  • Network management: types eg address allocation, interface configuration, load balancing, mirroring, costing routes, changing metrics, hop-count

  • Security: requirements eg MD5 hash (Message Digest), update control, access control lists, directed updates, tunnelling

You are required to produce a presentation of this SOHO Solution.

As part of your presentation you are to explain the different hardware, software and peripheral components of a computer system and compare the two types of computer systems.(Mobile and Fixed)  You may use any suitable presentation software to deliver the presentation and include speaker notes and hand-outs for the managers to aid their understanding.

(Unit 2 LO1.1, LO1.2, LO1.3)

Webdesign Assignment Three

Webdesign Assignment Three  Start by looking at feedback given with meeting with clients. Then show what the final website is to the ...