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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Unit 26 & 2: Task 2 and 3

Unit 26 & 2: Task 2 and 3

You are designing a SOHO solution for your office

What would you need (from an empty room, no kit or furniture)? List the equipment needed.

What's the cheapest solution you could have? (justify)

Give another solution that would look more professional, has better kit and is still under 15k (aim for 10k).

Give both a Deluxe and budget solution (both within 10k to 15k for 2nd option).

You need to produce a design plan (using a network diagram in Visio)  (Unit 26 LO2:2.1 Unit 2: LO2:2.1)

Show this to the customer and gather feedback from them about this plan.

Produce a report from the feedback given and analyse the changes to the design you need. Evaluate the updated system looking at feedback from your client. Where necessary carry out further research about the changes to the design.  (Unit 26 LO2:2.2 Unit 2:LO2 2.2)

Include the following:

  • Devices: number of connected devices; anticipated participation  
  • Bandwidth: average load; peak load; local Internet availability; cost constraint  
  • Users: quality expectations; concept of system growth  
  • Applications: requirements eg security, quality of service  
  • Communications: considerations eg suited to devices, suited to users, lifestyle preferences, commercial requirements  
  • Scalable: considerations eg supporting device growth, supporting additional devices, bandwidth use trend change  
  • Security: considerations eg addressing policy, device participation, firewall rules, encryption preference 

From the report create a A4 sized layout now, with equipment laid out and also for each device proposed IP addresses of devices. In small group set this up in the lab  (Obviously you don't have IOT devices, but use you imaginationation and set what you can up).

How long would this take to setup? (use your notes from this practical session)
How can you test it? (show some tests, suggest some tests, use practical and theory for this)

The tests should consider the following:

Internet access.
Security considerations and addressing,
Firewall settings.
Suggest how internet of things devices could connect to this mock setup

This covers :-

Unit 26 
LO2 : Be able to design small or home office networks
2.1  design a small or home office network solution to meet a given specification
2.2  evaluate the design and analyse user feedback
LO3 : Be able to implement small or home office networks
3.1  implement a small or home office network solution based on a prepared design
3.2  test the small or home office network solution to meet user requirements
3.3  document and analyse test results against expected results

Unit 2
LO2: Be able to design computer systems
2.1 produce a system design specification to meet a client’s needs.
2.2 evaluate the suitability of a system design specification.
LO3 : Be able to build and configure computer systems
3.1 build and configure a computer system to meet a design specification.
3.2 test and document a computer system.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Task one : 26 / 2/ 3

Task 1(2/2/17 - 23/2/17 )

Before designing and implementing a Small Home or Office Network (SOHO) you need to understand the impact of them.

Research and evaluate the usage and impact of current small or home office networks.  There are a range of devices that connect to a network evaluate the impact on the following (if they are relevant) 
(Unit 26 : LO1)

  • Routing hardware: hardware eg access routers, distribution routers, core switches, layer 3 switches

  • Routing protocols: protocol eg interior routing protocols, exterior routing, static routing

  • Protocol management: management eg redistribution between protocols, route maps, route filters

  • Device management: management eg password control, access levels, configuration storage, remote access

  • Network management: types eg address allocation, interface configuration, load balancing, mirroring, costing routes, changing metrics, hop-count

  • Security: requirements eg MD5 hash (Message Digest), update control, access control lists, directed updates, tunnelling

Blog this or write this up as a word document and provide a link as a reply to this post.

Use the list above as heading to write from and link with SOHO scenario given in powerpoint provided. Some of the above element may not be relevant to SOHO scenario so for these element do a general research.

Remember :-
Reference all research with citation using Harvard referencing style.
I need title page, contents and page numbering.

As a reference I expect a least 5 pages with references.

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