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Monday, 11 September 2017

Unit 26 and 2 Task 4

Task 4

Discuss any future improvements that could be made to the network that you have implemented and any changes that could be made.  You need to consider scalability, hardware and bandwidth.
(Unit 26 LO3 – 4.1)

Design a maintenance schedule to support the computer system / network.
(Unit 26 L03 - 4.2 & Unit 2 LO3 – 4.1)

Consider :-

  • Infrastructure performance: network monitoring tools, user access, traffic analysis, bandwidth monitoring, checking configuration, checking rules, show commands, traceroute
  • Consider backups and for computer systems in high use areas / dirty work shop’s / factory floors.
  • Then look at upgrades that need to be undertaken on computer systems.

(Unit 26 L03 - 4.2)

Consider :-

  • When and why do you do software upgrades?
  • When and why do we upgrade hardware on a computer system and when do we just replace the system?

This covers the following criteria :

Unit 26
LO4: Be able to support small or home office networks
4.1 Discuss future improvements for the small or home office network
4.2 Design a maintenance schedule to support a small or home office network.

Unit 2
LO4: Be able to undertake routine maintenance on computer systems
4.1 perform routine maintenance tasks on a computer system.
4.2 upgrade the software and hardware on a computer system.

Write all this up and upload before 28th May 2018

Unit 26 and 2 Task 3

Task 3

You now need to set up the final design and implement it.

From the design setup and implement the computer system and network.
(Unit 26 L03 - 3.1 & Unit 2 LO3 – 3.1)

Once the computer system and network is set up you need to setup the computer system and test it.  (Unit 26 L03 - 3.2 & Unit 2 LO3 – 3.2)

This should include any screenshots or documentation to evidence.  Include a network diagram with IP addresses, security information; this can be designed in any suitable software.
(Unit 26 L03:3.3)

The tests should consider the following:
  • Internet access.
  • Security considerations and addressing,
  • Firewall settings.

This covers the following criteria :

Within the Context of our Labs
I am expecting :-

  • The setup of at least 2 PC systems
  • Each system should be a different OS
  • The tests are testing the installed Apps and adding other apps such as AV.
  • Firewalls should be considered
  • Internet access needed to be tested using browsers and console commands.
  • What users are setup ? Can you add more?
Due 10/5/18

Unit 26:
LO3: Be able to implement small or home office networks
3.1  implement a small or home office network solution based on a prepared design
3.2  test the small or home office network solution to meet user requirements
3.3  document and analyse test results against expected results

Unit 2:
LO3: Be able to build and configure computer systems
3.1 build and configure a computer system to meet a design specification.
3.2 test and document a computer system.

Unit 26 and 2 Task 2

Task 2 

Research and design a small office network to meet the needs of a small office. There are 5 desktop PC’s and 2 laptops that need to be networked.  Also provision is needed for mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones to connect and share resources.
A network printer is required as well as a Network Storage Device for file sharing. The staff will also need wireless technology to connect to the network, to enable the connection of smartphones, Ipads etc.

You need to produce a design plan (using a network diagram in Visio or equivalent software)
(Unit 26 and unit 2 LO2:2.1)

Produce a report from the feedback given and analyse the changes to the design you need. Where necessary carry out further research about the changes to the design.
(Unit 26 and unit 2 LO2:2.2)

  • The computers need to be able to share files between staff.
  • All computers to have Internet access.
  • Office application software and email software is required.
  • High resolution graphics, with dual monitor display if possible.
  • New updated industry standard graphic design software.
  • A printer is required to produce high quality colour prints.
  • Any other input/output/storage devices
  • Latest technology and easy upgradeability.
  • Backup data.
  • Bandwidth usage of system.
  • Network Security
  • Networked devices
  • Scalability on network
  • A budget of £10k to £15k has been allocated.

Finally you need to evaluate the suitability of your proposed system specification and compare the suitability of the system design specification.

This covers the following criteria :

Unit 26
LO2: Be able to design small or home office networks
2.1 Design a small or home office network solution to meet a given specification
2.2 Evaluate the design and analyse user feedback

Unit 2
LO2: Be able to design computer systems
2.1 Produce a system design specification to meet a client’s needs.
2.2 Evaluate the suitability of a system design specification.

Write all this up and upload on 13th April 2018

Unit 26 and 2 Task 1

Task 1

You’re niche market VAR and you resell gadgets, specifically reselling ‘internet of things’ devices. You demonstrate a lot of these devices in this rented space, also you need capabilities to have mobile kit so you can demonstrate this type of kit outside your office remotely to customers around the world potentially. Look at each of these environments and prepare either a presentation or a document to cover :-
You need to compare their use in the following environments:

  • Home
  • Large Business
  • Gaming
  • Small Business
  • Real time
  • Communication

This covers the following criteria :

Unit 2 :LO1

Understand the function of computer systems

1.1  explain the role of computer systems in different environments
1.2  explain the hardware, software and peripheral components of a computer system
1.3  compare different types of computer systems

Unit 26: LO1

Understand the impact of small or home office networks

1.1  evaluate the usage and impact of current small or home office networks

Write all this up and upload on 15th March 2018


Students will do an Initial presentation of their project :-

Which mainly focuses on the project specification

Initial Ideas (at least 3 pls), why they are not picked and then the chosen idea.
What is the project?
• Initial sketches / small scale demo

Who is doing this Project?
Who is target audience?
Why are you doing this project?
What is time scale of project

Upload the video and PowerPoint to this post.
Deadline is 20/11/2017

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Emerging Technology 2017

Emerging Technology

In this 'day and age' technology is a large part of our everyday life. Just look at the impact the mobile phone has had on our life. The phone started as a expensive fixed device in our houses that we used to communicate with people. It saved time from having to physically meet everyone face to face.

Now the phone is mobile, cheap and smart. Has this device really improved our lives? Has the standard of living really improved for people? Are people just becoming less social and more like walking zombies engaged just with a 5 inch screen and 'zoned out' from the rest of the world?

My Prezi on Emerging Tech

These questions are what we need to ask in this unit.

We look at emerging technologies that are about to enter the market.

We evaluate where they come from and what they do that was not done before. Some emerging technologies replace existing technologies, some work with and add functionality and some do something new.

Examples of technologies previous students are looking at are :-

  1. Photonic Memory
  2. AI Pilots
  3. Liquid biopsies
  4. Wearable tech pixel buds
  5. Machine learning
  6. Facial recoginition of payments
  7. Virtual Reality
  8. LiFi
  9. Airless tires
  10. Artificial Leaf
  11. Artificial Brain
  12. Amazon Go
  13. Satellite Internet
When we look at these new technologies we need to consider certain factors
  • Explain this technology and explain how it is used ?
  • Find a YouTube (or similar video clip) explaining this new technology. 
  • Look at the impact on society, how does this tech impact on our lives? 
  • Ethical implications, how does this technology impact ethically in our lives? 
  • What does this technology replace (if anything)? 
  • Where does this technology evolve from ?
Assignment start date : 9/10/17
Assignment Due date : 27/11/17 

give links to videos here...

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