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Monday, 29 February 2016

Unit 2 3 and 26 assignments

Unit 2,3 and Unit 26 assignments

In Computer systems we look at how a computer system works both hardware and software components.

In design a small office or home office unit we look at how we implement these computer systems.

In employability and professionalism we look at working in a team and team dynamics.

So an assignment has been created to cover these criteria for all these units

This week we are looking at a SoHo Scenerio, and we extend this into an assignment.

My presentation this week explaining most of the networking concepts

This is going to be a joint Unit 2,3 and 26 assignment.

(upload points become active when needed, all details of work on this upload point, these areas will be removed once deadline is reached).

Task 1 upload point
Task 2 / 3 upload point
Task 4 / 5 upload point

SOHO : Assignment

 Following from last week we now have the SOHO assignment

This is a one month task to complete

Soho : Assignment One

Please upload your work as a reply to this post.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

SOHO:Scenario One

Now Write all this up as a blog / google doc. 
Do this individually pls, any prices need external references (no guesses pls).
Reply to this blog.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Website Design : Assignment One – the draft

Website Design : Assignment One – the draft
Structure of this assignment :-

Cover Page : 

Contents Page: 

Background : Why did you choose this website? Give reason and rational behind this decision.

Client Brief : What does the client want? Describe what in rough terms is the contents of each page.

Initial Draft : Give initial sketches and initial ideas of website before you spoke to the customer.

Client feedback : You had a meeting / many meetings with the client.
What was said?
Show correspondence with client.
What was agreed (and why)?
Was their a difference in opinion ?
Did you suggest something the client didn’t want
Did the client suggest something you disagreed with?
What was said at the meeting? How long was the meeting? What was the date?

Second draft : Changes made to draft as an outcome of meeting
What were the changes that was agreed with.
Show these draft pages (all 5 if 5 is agreed number of pages)
What's the colour Scheme? 
What other HCI aspects are catered for?
Has the client seen this secondary draft? What do they think?

Concluding points
Whats next ?
How long do you think it will take?
Who is doing what and why?
Who is the target audience?

Merit is given for clear structure and ease of readability

Assignment One

Webdesign Assignment Three

Webdesign Assignment Three  Start by looking at feedback given with meeting with clients. Then show what the final website is to the ...