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Monday, 29 February 2016

Unit 2 3 and 26 assignments

Unit 2,3 and Unit 26 assignments

In Computer systems we look at how a computer system works both hardware and software components.

In design a small office or home office unit we look at how we implement these computer systems.

In employability and professionalism we look at working in a team and team dynamics.

So an assignment has been created to cover these criteria for all these units

This week we are looking at a SoHo Scenerio, and we extend this into an assignment.

My presentation this week explaining most of the networking concepts

This is going to be a joint Unit 2,3 and 26 assignment.

(upload points become active when needed, all details of work on this upload point, these areas will be removed once deadline is reached).

Task 1 upload point
Task 2 / 3 upload point
Task 4 / 5 upload point


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