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Thursday, 11 January 2018

AI Game

Build a game with at least 2 AI elements..

Build an interactive game that consists of at least two AI components. This can be either a 2D or 3D game using the UNITY game engine (look at suggested games in list below). This game should be a core element of a game, not a fully working game as such. For example it could be one level that show cases the core AI elements and how they are used. This game is created individually and can include 3D models created in 301 module of this Degree.

You will be marked on a good design of at least two AI components and how they have been implemented by you in terms of re-usability and software patterns. Your analysis should include the rationale behind your design decisions as well as a discussion on any improvements you would consider.

Game type

For 2D: Maze game, Space Invaders, Snake, Snakes and Ladders, Break-out, Tetris, Pac-Man, Super Mario, Bomber Man or similar game.
For 3D: First or Third person shooter or survival game or simular

Marking Criteria

You will be assessed on: the software implementation, as well as a report where you will explain how you have done the implementation, the problems you faced as well as diagrams explaining the most significant aspects of your work. Also note that all the code must be provided in the Appendix section.
The structure of the report must be the following:

  • Title page 
  • Abstract (or summary) 
  • Introduction 
  • Brief description of chosen game design 
  • Game implementation 
  • Conclusions 
  • References

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