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Thursday, 26 May 2016

Website Design : Assignment Three – the final site

Task 3)

Create a handover document passing your website over to a potential client.

You have critically reviewed your website comparing it to other websites that offer similar services. Take into account both positive and negative factors in the website. Be realistic about your own abilities compared to professional web design companies.

Now it’s time to reflect on the process and look at other HCI developments.

Create a report (in any form you want) that looks at recent HCI developments and how they are used. So look at mobile webs and how they differ from their large screened PC cousins. What are the significant differences and how and why have they come about?

How would you develop a website that could work on mobile and full screen or are they separate, discuss this concept and give example?

This covers Unit 10: Human Computer Interaction

The document to cover the following :

Understand recent human computer interaction related developments and their

HCI: historical development; motivation; techniques; guidelines; principles; standards.
Developments in technology: changing workstation environments eg screens, keyboards,
pointing devices; other non standard input/output devices eg speech recognition; related
processing developments and information storage possibilities
Developments in HCI: examples eg virtual machines with command line input, graphical
interfaces, screen design for intensive data entry; intelligent HCIs; virtual personas; changing
concepts of ‘look and feel’
User issues: range of users eg expert, regular, occasional, novice, special needs; ergonomics; human information processing; impact on the workplace

Development of systems: new developments eg event-driven systems, use of multimedia;
modelling techniques; implication of new developments on user interfaces; implication of
developments on hardware eg storage, processing requirements; convergence of systems
Applications: selection of HCIs eg touchscreen, voice activated

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Task 5

Task 5(Hand in Date : 12/5/16)

Discuss how within this setup you can do upgrades and perform backups.

Unit 2:


Be able to undertake routine maintenance on computer systems

4.1 perform routine maintenance tasks on a computer system.

4.2 upgrade the software and hardware on a computer system.

Task 4

Task 4 (Hand in Date : 12/5/16)

Discuss any future improvements that could be made to the network that you have implemented (see task 3) and any changes that could be made.  You need to consider scalability, hardware, and bandwidth.

Design a maintenance schedule to support the network.

  • Infrastructure performance: network monitoring tools, user access, traffic analysis, bandwidth monitoring, checking configuration, checking rules, show commands, traceroute
  • Resolve issues: use troubleshooting methodology; make change to resolve issue; prove resolution

Unit 26

Be able to support small or home office networks
4.1  discuss future improvements for the small or home office network

4.2 design a maintenance schedule to support a small or home office network.

Unit 3 

Be able to develop strategies for problem solving
4.1  review tools and methods for developing solutions to problems

4.2  develop an appropriate strategy for resolving a particular problem

4.3 evaluate the potential impact on the business of implementing the strategy.

Assignment 1: Research skills.

Assignment 1: Research skills.

Task 1)

You have researched many areas as part of the HNC. Discuss how you did this and give examples using Harvard referencing system.

Now discuss / document your research looking at the following factors :

Research types and methodologies: types e.g. experimental research, survey research,
evaluative research, observational research, developmental research; applied versus fundamental research

Data collection: methods e.g. primary and secondary data collection, observatory, experimental

Research pitfalls: problems e.g. dependency and access to information sources, time, money, expertise, introduction of bias, the Hawthorne Effect, the Halo Effect

Types of data: qualitative e.g. ‘information rich and data poor’; quantitative eg statistical
analysis techniques, ratios

(For M1 an effective approach to research has been applied.
For D1 conclusions have been justified through a synthesis of ideas)

Task 2) 

Now look at the sources you used for research, discuss the format and then look at how relevant they are and how old they are, use the following at criteria for your research.

Sources of information: types e.g. visual, audio, paper-based, electronic; benefits and
drawbacks of types; categories e.g. primary and secondary sources, restrictions and

Accuracy of information: validity e.g. triangulation of resources to ensure validity; currency

Literature review framework: styles e.g. Harvard referencing; adopting a formal format

(M2 : a logical approach show when answering this question and justified
D2 : independent conclusions to information gained from research show.)
Task 3)

 Now give me a gdrive link to assingment and reply to this post with a link to it pls, also include your name in post.

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