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Sunday, 18 September 2016

HND Project

HND Project

The project is an all year task that all HND students undertake.

The project can be a 3D game (that students work together to make) or it can be a CMS web based system (including the various systems, hardware and software used) or a Network Solution (security system, network for a customer)

One important task is that a project can be done solo or in groups, however individual work is marked, not the group effort!

Here is my PowerPoint of all the elements needed to do the project this year

HND Project

Project Assignmento now its up to you, come up with a project idea and reply to this post with it.

Examples from last year :-

My project is PHP and MySQL browser based fantasy game. The graphical elements and code are being developed on a Raspberry Pi 2 running RISC OS and tested on a Raspberry Pi b running Apache and MySQL on Raspbian Jessie.

My Unit 4 project is going to a 3D game made in Unity 3D, the game is called Wilderness and will be a survival game made from scratch.

For Unit 4 (Project) I will be creating a CMS Website for a Client, this will allow my client to control and manage the content shown on the website. The site will consists of 4 Pages and a PHP contact form.

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