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Monday, 19 September 2016

HND Games Design

Unit 37: Digital Image Creation and Development
Unit 38: 3D Computer Modelling and Animation
Unit 39: Computer Games Design and Development

Unit 37 : In this unit learners will work with digital image systems and equipment to produce digital images to a specified brief. They will learn key aspects of digital practice such as file naming conventions, storage, compression and output. They will also work with a range of input devices and software tools.

Unit 38 :The unit supports learners to visualise and design three-dimensional space and object forms that exist within it. An appreciation of the requirements and applications of computer modeling and animation in commercial contexts may be used to inform learners' development of personal animation work. Learners may also consider the technical requirements for producing and distributing digital animation effectively. Learners should gain a working knowledge of 3D computer modeling and animation software, through applying techniques in their own animation work. Research elements of the unit allow learners to review the work of 3D computer artists.

Unit 39 : It is often easy to forget that behind the polished high-definition graphics and increasingly cinematic content of modern computer games is a highly skilled team of designers and programmers.  With  more sophisticated environments and new ways of interacting with computers, computer game  developers now have the choice to extend into many software development realms.

Theory of games design

Load up and have a look at 3 3D computer modelling software packages.

Maya, 3D studio max and Blender.

When you are looking at them compare all 3 for usability and functionality. Do some research into what the requirements are for each application.

Then compare 3 computer games.

Do an unbiased report on all 3 games, try to pick games on different platforms and also have at least one of the games that span multiple platforms.

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