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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Draft Website

Assignment 1 of 3 - due 22nd Feb 2016 pls

This is the Standard Client Brief (you will have to modify this accordingly depending on whom your client is)

You work as a consultant to an electrical reseller and have created a report on emerging technologies that are on the horizon and how they will impact on the business both from a reselling point of view (i.e. should we stock them to resell) and a social impact point of view (how will this device impact on society as a whole).

Their main sales from this business come from TV systems, but they sell large electrical items like Fridges and Freezers, HIFI systems and most recently they stock game consoles and games. Also they have a specialist photographic department that sell cameras and accessories.
This assignment is a continuation of the e-Business assignment done earlier.

The task is to create a 5 page website for the business ( they also want to sell goods online if possible)

  • Home page, with Company logo and a summary of the Business that they are a small local family run business their values etc. They have a twitter and Facebook and YouTube pages and these need to be linked to as well. (merit / distinction create real ones!)
  • TV Page : TV’s are the company’s main business, so this is the main page, show a range of TV’s from cheap to expensive (not ridiculous expensive). You need about 9 TV’s in this section covering all styles and tastes.
  • Photography page : This is page on cameras and accessories. This area of the business is struggling due to impact of mobile phones. So mobile phones with good camera abilities need to be added. So have 9 Cameras (including 3 smartphone camera capable devices).
  • White Goods Page : This is fridges / freezers / microwave ovens / dishwashers / washing machines. Show 3 items from each section, so 15 in total. Prices from low to high again.
  • Gaming page : This is a new area show the major consoles and a selection of games. At least 9 images may be more.

As a web consultant you would first create a draft design of the website and show this to the customer for approval.

So create a rough sketch of the website, show all 5 pages with a proposed layout. Show this to the customer and take on board feedback. Also you need to be realistic about what you can and can do with a website (LO2: 2.1)

(M3 – appropriate structure and approach has to be shown &
D3 innovative and creative thoughts have been applied)

Explain to a customer using other peoples websites as well what is realistic, and discuss the design concepts in creating a website (LO1 : 1.1). You should include HCI issues, such as perception use of metaphors etc..

(M1 – effective judgements have been made &
D1 Self Criticism of approach has taken place)

At this stage you will have no website; just some sketches and what you need to write is how you balance the needs of a client against what is realistically can be done in a website. You need to justify this with examples from other organisation.

Also be realistic about your own abilities in creating a website. Write as if to a customer (or to the real one and include all correspondence) and also for research point of view for this assignment.

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