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Thursday, 1 February 2018

SOHO : Scenario One

Design a SOHO solution for your office

You are a small Niche IT VAR working from a rented space.

You’re niche market VAR and you resell gadgets, specifically reselling ‘internet of things’ devices. You demonstrate a lot of these devices in this rented space, also you need capabilities to have mobile kit so you can demonstrate this type of kit outside your office remotely to customers around the world potentially.

What would you need (from a empty room, no kit or furniture)? 

List equipment.

What's the cheapest solution you could have? (justify)

Give another solution that would look more professional has better kit and is still under 15k (aim for 10k).

Then I need both a home and mobile* solution (both within 15 to 10k for 2nd option).

*Mobile as in you can take elements to customers to show them directly.

Part of this process is project management.
  1. Your doing it (so no cost except time). 
  2. Assume you are in sales and don’t know IT and cost of 3rd party doing all setup. 
You need a secure room to store stock.

Create a Visio diagram of officer layout including all kit needed and location of desks, doors etc.

Task One
Task Two
Task Three
Task Four

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