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Monday, 21 November 2016

assignment two

Assignment Two

You work as an apprentice web designer you have been have been introduced to design a online address book your company uses.

Your boss has asked you to see if you can make a simple product that can your organisation can use to access a global address book.

It needs email addresses, physical addresses, telephone numbers and a details field of 100 characters about the client.

You have been given some hardware to help you do this task, along with the client list.

One page is to view all and/or sort the addresses, one page is to edit/delete the address.

Also security is important this address book needs limited access only to authorised users.

One user has read only access and a supervisor user can view/edit/delete from the address book.

Task 1)

Investigate what the hardware and software is needed to used, both for a simple low usage test system and a high usage production system. Document both these system for you manage, both hardware and software requirements.

For a test system you are looking for max of 5 people using it and for production system up to 500 users could use this system.

Document this hardware, both low and high usage.

Task 2)

Now it’s time for you to setup a low usage test system, document how this is done and what you used and why.

Cover what the server can do, how it is configured. How databases can be used on it etc.
Also show the web app been used (errors as well as successes).

Critically test and review the system.

Task 3)

Now design the web application as specified. Show your php code and how the mysql database is setup (what are the fields etc).

Screenshot and document the development process and your ideas.

Task 4)

Test the system both hardware and software and critically review its performance.

Does the system you created work as per brief?
Can you edit the address book?
Can you just view addresses and not edit them?
What errors do you have?
Does it work at all?

What security have you used and why?

( An non – working system is not a failure, just document what happens and then discuss what you wanted)

Document this

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