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Monday, 26 October 2015

HND: Games Design ass2

Unit 37: Digital Image Creation and Development
Unit 38: 3D Computer Modelling and Animation
Unit 39: Computer Games Design and Development

Theory of games design

Load up and have a look at 3 3D computer modelling software packages.

Maya, 3D studio max and Blender.

When you are looking at them compare all 3 for usability and functionality. Do some research into what the requirements are for each application.

Then compare 3 computer games.

Do an unbiased report on all 3 games, try to pick games on different platforms and also have at least one of the games that span multiple platforms.

Assignment One for Unit 38 and Unit 39

Write all this up as an assignment.

Then we work on the game (unit 37 /38 and 39) : Assignment 2

The task is to create 3 rooms which are interconnected. Two of the rooms are to explore and the 3rd room contains the zombies (bots).

The first room is the largest and is set in an outside environment with landscaping and grass and some water features.

The Second room is a cave linked from the first room and has a pool in the centre and limited lighting.

The third room is access via a door at the end of the cave and this room has zombies which will attack the player on sight.


  1. Didn't know where to put it. Here a link to my game:

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